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Ms Visual Basic 6.0

Status bar message + time  download  410 b  .zip
description: cute script which displays blinking status bar message with every time updated current time. download the script and put in the head tag of your page. you can change message to your needs. see below the status bar of this page using this script.
Ascii value returner  download 3.95 kb  .zip
download this very small program which returns the value of any key pressed on keyboard in Ascii code. exe file when extracted form zip.
Page Background  download 487 b  .zip
allow your site visitors to set background color of the page they like. beautiful script.
Clock  download 2.98 kb  .zip
displays system current time within a tinny window. exe file when extracted form zip.
Auto background  download 687 b  .zip
excellent JavaScript example. changes background color with specific time interval and also shows the color number as well name in status bar.
TeleDirec  download 18.1 kb .zip 
Free Full version
description: very cool small databse program to manage telephone numbers, name, address, email addresses and other information very easy to maintain contacts with no limit of number entries and speedy. must read readme file when download.
Browser compatibility  download 395 b  .zip
really cool script. ideal for let to know your site visitors that how much their browser and screen resolution etc mach your site's recommended resolution and version for best view. script shows browser's name, code name, version, screen resolution, platform and browser's history that currentl how much pages you have visited before entering this website. see running this script used in first page of this site.


Calculator  download 171.63 kb  .zip
flash calculator download and calculator in exe file format. you can place it to start menu > pro > accessories with windows calculator. this is standard calculator. exe file when extracted form zip.
come back soon for more new downloads
all codes and programs are in running condition.

( freeware and no copyrights, use as you want these examples )




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